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Consumer Rated has been providing honest reviews for consumers since 2002. All of our reviews are done by volunteers just like yourself to provide the most accurate ratings on the Web. Our dedication and commitment is to provide real reviews you can trust.


Why We Provide This Service

A problem with today’s online shopping and services is that there are so many frauds, scams and misleading information it is hard to determine which product or service is good, and which are bad. Unlike purchasing a product or service from a brick and mortar type vendor, if something goes wrong you have many options and sources to resolve the issue person-to-person. That problem is what scares most online shoppers away.

And that is why we are here!

Our Review Projects



The Selection Process

We first will select popular online programs, memberships or services that has been requested by consumers for review. If costs are required, we will personally pay for any needed costs for what ever we will be reviewing.


Reviews by Real People

We then pass along the program, membership or service to our volunteer network. The reviews are done by everyday people who volunteer time to give their personal opinions, input and rating for the selected project.


Our Rating Process

Each volunteer is given a criteria on how to rate the particular program, membership or service. Each volunteer will give their personal review and rating based on the set criteria and give an overall rating from zero to five stars.


5-Star Rating Only

Through our strict criteria we will only list the five-star rated results for our readers. You will only be shown the best and not the rest. This will assure you are getting the best possible program, membership or service.


Dedication to Excellence

We are dedicated to find the best sources and the best deals on the Web. Our company and volunteers research several companies to find the best options possible, doing extensive research on their products or services.


Guaranteed Reviews

We stand 100% behind our company and volunteer’s 5-star reviews. If there is any costs associated with any of the five-star sites and you pay for the program or service, we will guarantee your money back if not satisfied.

Our Mission

We have been in business since 2002 as a consumer-rating service. We are a consumer such as yourself, and have taken that position. We always try to eliminate the problems of purchasing a bad product or service so you can feel confident in our reviews and decision.

Let Us Know Your Review

If you would like to submit your own review on one of the five-star programs we list. we welcome that as well. Unlike so many so-called review sites we actually list our contact information and will respond to your inquiries.

If you have a better program or service than we have listed, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to review it. We are always open for suggestions to direct our research.

Become a Volunteer To Do Reviews!

We need your help rating current projects. We pay any fees associated with the program, membership or service we are reviewing. We will supply you with the criteria of how to give your review and you get to keep the program, membership or service you have reviewed. All we require is your honest review in return.


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Just wanted to say thanks.
Simona K. - Middle, GA

Thanks for your quick response, And I am very happy with your suggestions. I will recommend you to all my friends.I wish there were more websites and people like you. God Bless.

Jeremy M. - Colorado Springs, CO

Your website was helpful in informing me of future prospects Thanks 🙂
Stephanie P. - Glendale, AZ

I have seen so many websites that state they are trying to help the consumer, YEH Right, try contacting them and see if they guarantee their reviews like you guys. I never heard back from them at all. You guys are fabulous all the way around. Im truly impressed, keep up the good work.
Fred W. - Ukiah, CA




All of Consumer-Rated reviews are based on our own research as well as consumer input. We do not make any money for referring the sites we have given our five-star rating. Consumer-Rated was not compensated in any way by any of the programs listed on this page.