2020 Review

The Work-From-Home Data-Entry Jobs Review

Our Research and Review Process

Many people have questions about which work-from-home data-entry programs actually work to create an income. So our volunteer reviewers researched several online work-from-home data-entry jobs and typist jobs programs. What we found in many cases that most of the programs promise that their programs work, but they actually don’t. As a matter of fact we purchased several types of data-entry programs to find that there were only dead ends and; in many cases we had to wait in a long line for assignments that weren’t really there.

We reviewed programs that cost a fee and programs that were advertised as free. Many suggest not to ever pay for a program, but through our research we did find that a few of these programs that had an associated fee were very good and well worth the small investment. We understand that everyone has costs to recover and for this reason is why we didn’t rule out the programs that cost a fee. Now there were some programs that charged a fee that were basically scams that only took your money with nothing to offer. Re review will not subject you to those programs.

What we did find is that most of the the so-called free data entry services; we learned there is no such thing. Sign up was free, but once we accessed their program, started with their guidance we found that they kept asking for money for companies’ lists, software, etc., we ended up spending more than the one-time fee or the monthly memberships we were reviewing.

For most of these companies that were reviewed we had no success within any of the programs offered (both free and paid). We noticed many times we were paying for a list of jobs that we could have got for free off the Internet and that was it. If you are paying for jobs itself then it is more than likely a scam. There was no customer support or money-back guarantee. Bottom line;


Our Reviews and Ratings Criteria

The criteria we used to rate the programs were:

1) The actual results promised in the website were legitimate and could be achieved.

2) If there was a fee associated with program, how soon we earned back our registration fee investment.

3) How detailed the guidance or training was and how easy it was to understand and follow the program.

4) The programs offered gave actual jobs directly and we did not have to look for or pay for lists to get work.

5) There were no hidden costs once a member. Everything was included in the program.

6) Support was there when we needed it and was not an extra charge.

7) If we were not satisfied with the results we could get any fee we pay refunded as they stated.

The most important criteria in rating these programs was that they had to offer a 100%-satisfaction money-back guarantee. All of the programs that made our five-star ratings offer this guarantee and most important they all honored their guarantee with no hassles. We learned the hard way that it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE PROGRAM OFFERS AND HONORS A GUARANTEE SO YOU DO NOT GET SCAMMED OUT OF YOUR MONEY.

By offering and most important honoring their guarantee is proving that they truly stand behind their program.

The 5-Star Rated Programs

The programs we gave five-star ratings did excellent in meeting the criteria. Many data-entry job programs promised big money, but in order to get five-star ratings the program needed to produce the results they promised. We needed to make money right away and it that it will keep growing with the effort we make.

We did find a few companies that were unique and legitimate, and that lived up to what they promised. The uniqueness of these programs is one of the reasons why they made our five-star rating. They took the best features from all different types of data-entry jobs and work-from-home programs and they put them into one program. By doing this eliminated the problems we had been running into with many of the programs we reviewed .

Most important we never paid for a job with these five-star programs. As a matter of fact we received the jobs, training, resources, tools, and even hundreds of dollars worth of software needed to do the jobs for free. Any charge for these programs was strictly to set up an online access account so you can do this from home with a secure login on their hosting servers. We can completely understand a charge for this as it is very expensive to run an online hosted membership site especially when their is data transfer and bandwidth involved.

The conclusion of the five-star rated programs is you can make a decent living working from home if you spend the time to follow the training that is provide, put in a valid effort, and don’t give up too quickly.

It is no surprise that two out of the three recent five-star rated programs were also on the five-star list for our previous work-from-home data-entry jobs reviews in 2009 and 2014. We will note which two programs made the previous list in 2009 and 2014. This also show longevity which is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when reviewing any program.

The Review Facts and Data

Our research showed the failure-to-success ratio was about four to one, which simply means for every four work-from-home data-entry job programs there were three that didn’t live up to what they promised, and we hit a dead end. That’s 75% of all the programs. In fact that figure is lower than Consumer Affairs reports. We got lucky on a few and were able to get our money back, so be very careful.

Work-From-Home Data-Entry Job Programs – Review Data

Review Start: 08/20/2019 Review End: In Progress Current Status: In Progress


Review Volunteers: 44 Reviews Completed: 148 Programs Reviewed: 27


5-Stars Program: 3
3-4-Stars Programs: 7
1-2 Star Programs: 10

Our review project for the current work-from-home data-entry jobs has been in progress since August 2018. These are only for the programs that were in the higher rating. There were some programs that last only a day as we quickly saw they were scams. This review is still in progress as many of the volunteers were able to keep with the program as they are currently making good money. We will continue to receive updates and update our reviews accordingly with the on going reviews.

As you will see from the Review Data above, that we found three five-star rated programs. There were seven programs that were honorable mentions with a three or four-star rating. There were ten programs that were bad enough to make a one to two start rating and there were seven programs that were straight up scams and didn’t even get a one-star rating.

I just recently got a computer and have been looking for a way out of the hustle and bustle of the office.I have been searching for a data entry job but wasn’t sure if anyone was right for me. You guys took all the guesswork out and I will soon be on my way to big bucks.  

Simona K. - Middle, GA

This was great to see these reviews on data-entry jobs from home. I have read that many are scams and to be careful of some of these types of programs. I tried one of your suggested programs and have already seen it is a great program. My future looks bright and I owe it all to your reviews that I trusted.

Kyle K. - Gosford, AU

As you know I have been a reader of Consumer Rated for quite some time. I have always had great success with your 5-star rated reviews. I just wanted to send you a personal testimonial to post for others to let them know Consumer Rated is really a top review site. Thank you and keep up the great work on your end.

Mary Ann F. - Medford, OR


Our Consumer to Consumer Guarantee

Based on our reviews, if you pay any fees associated with any of the five-star programs we list, and are not satisfied, simply return it according to guidelines of each particular Web site or program terms. If you have any problem getting a refund of the program or product. Contact Us and we will assist you; if need be, we will give you your money back.


The score is determined by how many 5-star ratings were given for every 100 reviews.

Performance and Ease of Use
The program starts off and gives you a great orientation into their program. It explains in detail how everything works before you even get started. They will provide some great tools and resources to get you started, such as typing training, computer knowledge, important tax information; being you are an independent contractor, and some good practices you can do to as you feel the need to tune your skills. It is your choice whether you use these tools and resources they provide or you can simply go directly to the job programs.

You then can choose from several job programs to get started; It is your choice on which program you want to do. Global-Data-Entry will provide complete training for each of the job tasks they provide. With most of their programs you will be doing the actual job while you are going through training, which means you can start earning income while you are learning the job they teach.

The most popular job program is the work-from-home data-entry jobs called Global Data Entry and of course is where they get their name from. A complete step-by-step training tutorial (complete with video and text training) will show you everything you need to know to work this program. The best part of this program is that it is designed with everyone in mind. also provides other great programs such as content article writing, social media management jobs, data-entry research and many more. You also get more traditional types of data-entry jobs such as transcription job program complete with all the needed transcribing software to do the job tasks.

It is up to you which of the job programs that is offered through their program you would like to do. You can do one or try them all and best of all there are no set requirements of how and when you work. All of the job programs come complete with training, tools, resources and needed software with absolutely no additional costs.

We added up the software they provide to each member and it was at least $280 for just the software they give their members to do the job tasks. Global-Data-Entry will even give each member a FREE word processor for which you could spend well over $100 alone.

Some of our review volunteer were making money in the first few days they started. By the end of the review some of the reviewer were making $500 or more per day.

Global-Data-Entry offers complete and free email support for their training and jobs. You simply email them with your question and will get a response usually within a few hours. They do mention they will always get back with a response within 24 hours. We usually saw a response within about eight hours. They will also offer phone support but out of all of our volunteer reviewers none needed to use the phone support.

Our research on this program revealed a very complete work-at-home program that works. The value of this program is incredible with all the tools, training, resources and software they provide to each of their members. If we could of gave this six stars it would have been for the value.

Joining and Membership
Global-Data-Entry will not charge you for the training, resources, tools, software needed for jobs, and of course they don’t charge for the jobs. Their program is presented in real-time online. That means you are not getting some outdated information guide. This is a real interactive online work-from-home data-entry job program all done from your home or anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The only charge that was ever required was a hosting set up fee which was paid to a third-party hosting company. This third-party hosting company provides the complete Global-Data-Entry program on their servers and will allow you to access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through this third-party online hosting access provider you will get your own personal secure login ID.

You will then get access to the complete training and jobs as well as all the needed software, tools, resources, etc which cost you no additional money, EVER! My-Data-Team will allow you to do all the needed data transfer and use their server bandwidth which will save you a ton of money submitting your work.

On top of everything Global-Data-Entry offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee for the one-time online hosting access set up fee. So if you try this, make some money and are not 100% satisfied, you can get all your money back and keep the money you earned. We tested their money-back guarantee and it was refunded every time it was requested and every time it was within 24 hours of our request.

Program Review Conclusion
If you were to add up everything you get it could cost you hundreds of dollars not too mention the thousands of hours of research and programming Global-Data-Entry has put into this program. And other than that one-time online hosting access account set up fee there will be no other charges you will need to put out of your pocket.

You can make that fee up in the first day of work!

To give you an idea of how good of a program this is, everyone of our review volunteers are still doing this program because they didn’t want to stop earning the money they are making.


Performance and Ease of Use
This program has one of the largest network of work-from-home data-entry jobs on the Internet. You are offered work for some of the most popular companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, AMEX, Advanta, etc. The training program is very detailed, teaching you everything you need to know to do the different types of jobs they offer.

They will offer great online training for a few of the most popular work-from-home data-entry jobs. A very impressive work-from-home opportunity not to be missed. This program has had some of the best reviews by our review volunteers and current members who have given us their input.’s transcription training and job program was the best out of all the programs, which by itself is a valuable occupation to learn because there are not many online transcribers and the supply of jobs is endless. We had reviewers tell us they had spent hundreds of dollars to do transcription training that didn’t even include the jobs at other sites. The mentioned these other expensive programs did not even compare to Work-From-Home-Data-Entry’s transcription training which also will provide the jobs as well.

You can earn $100 or more per day beginning a few weeks after training. Our volunteers have been able to keep this income growing everyday we have done this program. Our review volunteers and ourselves are proof that this works.

Executive Data Group has the largest support team out of all the programs we reviewed and it was apparant. We always received a response to any question we had about the training and jobs. This was the highest rated program when it came to support.

A great valued program with less amount of jobs than the other two five-star rated programs on our list, but still received very high reviews and ratings from our volunteers.

Joining and Membership
Executive Data Group will not charge you for the training, resources, tools, software and of course they do not charge for the jobs. Like Global-Data-Entry and Online-Data-Entry-Jobs the only charge they require is a one-time online hosting set-up fee. This is so you can access all of what they offer directly online with your own personal secure login ID. Also they do not technically charge for the software as well. So it is completely understandable for them to charge this one-time set up processing fee.

Work-From-Home Data Entry offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their program. We suggest you at least go through the training and you will see this will work.

Program Review Conclusion
This program is presented by a well known work-from-home provider named Executive Data Group. They are providers of outsourcing for thousands of online companies. The name of this particular program is call It is evident that they are charging the companies to be listed for you to work with; which are absorbing the costs of the job program they provide.

Executive Data Group’s Work-From-Home Data-Entry provide everything you need which like Global-Data-Entry is worth in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars and they provide it to each of their work-from-home employees for free.

The only downfall with this program as compared to the two other five-star programs is they don’t offer all of the job programs those other two offer. You also don’t get all of the resources the other two provide. This is why they do charge less for their access fee over the other two five-star programs.

For our review volunteers who had reviewed all three work-from-home data-entry job program mentioned that this was a good value. However, they would rather pay a little more for the other two because you do get more of an opportunity. Most of the volunteer who reviewed all three programs mostly work with the Global-Data-Entry. All of the volunteers who only reviewed this program are still working with this program. This tells us it is a great program but not the best out of the three.


Performance and Ease of Use
We were able to review almost all of Laura’s programs with the exception of the secretarial work-from-home program. We did not have time to devote to the secretarial program; however, it looked like a wonderful program from what we saw. If you are looking to see what types of data entry and typing the Internet has to offer, it is all at this site. We are using these programs today and are earning very well. The top earner as of now is her Worldwide Data-Entry program which is similar to the Global program offers.

With you will see a variety of different online data-entry job programs. The pay will depend on which job program you are doing. For example some of the programs will pay hourly wages or by completed assignments. Other programs pay by commissions for leads, traffic and sales. Most of the data-entry job programs we reviewed strictly dealt with affiliate marketing which is really not completely data entry in our minds, so it was nice to see with all the five-star programs that these were more than simply an affiliate marketing job; you get a variety of all types of job tasks and pay with this program and all the five-star programs.

The training comes complete with training videos which were easy to follow as well a text tutorials. The nice things is that you can use one or the other for your training or both. We have heard from many members of this program that are hearing and visual impaired that have given their positive review because it does allow people with impairments to use this program.

Out of all the five-star work-from-home data-entry job programs we reviewed Laura’s is the best when it comes to the training resources and tools she provides. She offers here “Home Business Center” which can help anyone who is starting working from home to understand what is needed and how to succeed.

Laura also gave us some nice bonus programs for our membership and a directory of thousands of other types of work-from-home jobs. This is a high five-star-rated program.

We have seen some nice pay days with this program. One of the biggest paying jobs provides is their data research assistant program, which we were earning $100 and more per day for a couple of hours work. This was one of our favorite programs Laura offers.

One of the best things we saw with the support of this program is that Laura actually has current members supporting other members. It was nice because the support staff has been where you are when you get started and understand your questions and inquiries. From what we get from these members is many are doing this at no charge to Laura because they are simply helping her out in return for what she has given them with this program.

We were so impressed with the Online-Data-Entry jobs program presented by Laura Kauth. She has designed some of the best work-from-home data-entry jobs you will find on the Internet today. She actually developed her own programs from her professional career and spent years researching work-from-home data entry and typing.

Joining and Membership
You can get access to all of the programs for free if you already own your own dedicated hosting. If not they will provide you your own personal online access hosting account (similar to Global-Data-Entry) on their servers for for a one-time set up fee. After this fee we found no additional charges ever needed.

We did pay for the hosting access fee for our volunteers which is a great value over trying to get set up on your own hosting which is a hassle and costs a lot of money to do. So our suggestion is to pay their one time fee and you will save money and hassle. Online-Data-Entry-Jobs will also give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with any of their programs.

Program Review Conclusion
One of the main things we look for is hidden costs within any of the programs we review. With all of the five-star programs we reviewed we never found one hidden cost that will be required for your to pay to use these programs. Like the other five-star programs Laura has made sure that there are no hidden required to do the jobs she provides. The only additional cost we found with her program is for a typing certificate which will certify you as an online typist and this is 100% optional and not required. However, for a few bucks it is worth it if you were to decide to become certified.

A lot of our volunteers picked this as their favorite program and continue to earn a good income to this date.





All of Consumer-Rated reviews are based on our own research as well as consumer input. We do not make any money for referring the sites we have given our five-star rating. Consumer-Rated was not compensated in any way by any of the programs listed on this page.