Work-at-Home Editor’s Choice


2016 Winner


Our Consumer-Rated Editor’s Choice Award Winner

We have taken our reviews a step further. We have listed the winner of our consumer’s choice award for 2016. Each year we select a program for our consumer’s choice winner that were selected directly by the consumers. We have listed several five-star rated sites through out the year and previous reviews and the program below is the one that were above the rest per the consumers’ reviews.

In order to first qualify for nomination the program must first be rated as a five-star program. It must be chosen from our previous review and by current users/consumers of the program. If the program makes the top pick from previous year reviewed it is not added to the current review by our staff and volunteers. The reason is that it has more than qualified by actual time study as a continuing five-star program. So you will not see this program on our current work-from-home business and jobs review. If it was chosen the winner of 2016 you can be assured it is a top program.


Performance and Ease of Use
Offered with their program are ten primary work-from-home jobs. All will include the training, resources, and software needed to complete each job task they teach. Unlike many work-from-home job programs you are left in the dark and usually have to find the work yourself. With this program everything is included. You will be doing the actual job tasks directly on their site and you never need to go find the work as it is presented for you in their program.

Everyone of their job programs created income. With such a variety it would be hard not to find a job that suits you. Pay for your work is paid by hourly wage, completed assignment or commissions. So you can get paid the way you want for the work you decide to do.

When it comes to earning income, you will not find a better program. $100 a day was easy to obtain within the first few weeks. After a month the income was in the mid hundreds and we even had a few reviewers making $1000 a day. We will tell you that you are going to need to work and put in the effort if you want to make $1000 a day, but it can be done and we are proof it can be done.

This program has a very large support staff that are tuned into every aspect of the training and jobs. They can even give some tips to make your jobs easier in some cases. Great support for a great program.

This program will give you everything you need to work from home. All the training, tools, resources, jobs, software and support is included with your team job membership. We can only add everything up and wonder how they can provide all this to each member and not be losing money.

Joining and Membership
You will pay a one-time online hosting access fee of $49.00 and is the only fee that is ever charged. We expected to see additional hidden costs; we saw absolutely no additional costs with this program. Everything they give you has no additional or hidden costs.

You can also get a full money-back guarantee within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the program. To our knowledge none of our review volunteers ever requested a refund from this program.

Program Review Conclusion
We can honestly say you probably will not find a more legitimate work-from-home job program on the Internet. Their many years in business proves itself as well as the members success.






All of Consumer-Rated reviews are based on our own research as well as consumer input. We do not make any money for referring the sites we have given our five-star rating. Consumer-Rated was not compensated in any way by any of the programs listed on this page.