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2017 Review

The Work-From-Home Jobs – Opportunities Review

Our Research and Review Process

We do a lot of different reviews here at, but none more popular than the work-from-home programs. We get more request for reviews on work-from-home jobs and opportunities than all other review types put together. This is why we have done more reviews on work-from-home jobs and opportunities than any other type of program or service.

The reason we get so many requests is that it is a dream for a person to make money in the comfort of your own home. The problem is that many work-from-home sites know this, and it makes people who desire to work-from-home an easy target for their scams. So we are always setting out to eliminate these scams for our viewers and offer legitimate choices for them to choose from.

First off their are so many different types of work-from-home opportunities to review. So the first thing we do is eliminate any of the programs that we feel that are just too good to be true (such as the get-rich-quick-schemes). We also eliminate any franchise business opportunities because those usually are very expensive (usually in the thousands of dollars to get started). We also do not review any MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing or matrix schemes). We are not saying any of these programs are not good for the fact we have never reviewed them and you may find some that are good but usually these type of programs have very high failure rates.

We did review work-from-home jobs and opportunities that can earn a decent living and is a reality. For example stuffing envelope opportunities are usually scams and it is not a reality to make an income worth your time. So we will not review anything like that.

When we do work-from-home business and job reviews we usually recruit the most volunteers. We will usually recruit up to one hundred or more consumer volunteers to do work-from-home reviews and the reason is we usually get a lot of variances in reviews. So to get a complete picture and to find true five-star rated programs we use all the opinions we can get.

As you can imagine we run across so many scams doing this review. Some of the best website presentations proved to be the worst programs. They can sell you on what they are offering, but cannot back it up with what they provide. This is very commonly seen when doing work-from-home jobs and opportunity reviews.

There are some really good programs out there, so don’t think there is absolutely nothing available. Because we did so many reviews we did find some good programs and many did not even quite make our five-star rating but were still good programs.

Our Reviews and Ratings Criteria

The criteria we used to rate the programs were:

1) The actual results promised in the website were legitimate and could be achieved.

2) If there was a fee associated with program, how soon we earned back our registration fee investment.

3) How detailed the guidance or training was and how easy it was to understand and follow the program.

4) The programs offered gave actual jobs directly and we did not have to look for or pay for lists to get work.

5) There were no hidden costs once a member. Everything was included in the program.

6) Support was there when we needed it and was not an extra charge.

7) If we were not satisfied with the results we could get any fee we pay refunded as they stated.

The most important criteria in rating these programs was that they had to offer a 100%-satisfaction money-back guarantee. All of the programs that made our five-star ratings offer this guarantee and most important they all honored their guarantee with no hassles. We learned the hard way that it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE PROGRAM OFFERS AND HONORS A GUARANTEE SO YOU DO NOT GET SCAMMED OUT OF YOUR MONEY.

By offering and most important honoring their guarantee is proving that they truly stand behind their program.

The 5-Star Rated Program

Out of all of the companies we reviewed there was only TWO that made the five-star rating. The programs that received the five-star ratings did excellent in meeting the criteria. These two programs actually started producing the results they promised a month into their programs.

Results is what our volunteers usually look for with any work-from-home opportunity. The five-star rated programs offered something worth value and did produce income working from home. You can make a decent living working from home if you spend the time to follow the training and guidance these programs provide, put in a valid effort, and don’t give up too quickly.

As mentioned we did find a few four-star programs but they fell just a little short of making our five-star rating.

The Review Facts and Data

That there so many work-from-home opportunities to choose from. We did have to limit our reviews to programs we thought were realistic to make money. We stayed away from anything that looked like it was a get-rich-quick scheme or any programs that were going to cost a fortune of an investment.

Work-From-Home Jobs – Opportunities – Review Data


Start Date: 06/25/2016
End Date: In Progress
Status: In Progress


Review Volunteers: 102
Reviews Completed: 184
Programs Reviewed: 35


5-Stars Program: 2
3-4-Stars Programs: 3
1-2 Star Programs: 16

Our review project for the work-from-home jobs and opportunities lasted for nine months. This was for the programs that were in the higher rating. This review is still in progress as many of the volunteers were able to keep with the program as they are currently making good money. We will continue to receive updates and update our reviews accordingly with the on going reviews.

As you will see from the Review Data above, that we found two five-star rated programs. There were three programs that were honorable mentions with a three or four-star rating. There were sixteen programs that were bad enough to make a one to two start rating and there were fourteen programs that were straight up scams and didn’t even get a one-star rating.

Thanks for your quick response, And I am very happy with your suggestions. I will recommend you to all my friends.I wish there were more websites and people like you. God Bless.

Jeremy M - Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks to your great reviews I have finally found a great work-from-home job… You the best

Pamela R. - Ottawa, CA

I have seen so many websites that state they are trying to help the consumer, YEH Right, try contacting them and see if they guarantee their reviews like you guys. I never heard back from them at all. You guys are fabulous all the way around. Im truly impressed, keep up the good work.

Fred W. - Ukiah, CA



Our Consumer to Consumer Guarantee

Based on our reviews, if you pay any fees associated with any of the five-star programs we list, and are not satisfied, simply return it according to guidelines of each particular Web site or program terms. If you have any problem getting a refund of the program or product. Contact Us and we will assist you; if need be, we will give you your money back.



The score is determined by how many 5-star ratings were given for every 100 reviews.

Performance and Ease of Use
The best part is that this is not just a website that lists jobs for you to apply to; About 99% of the work-at-home jobs or opportunities will not offer the jobs, just a list of companies or job providers that you have to apply. With complete training and jobs program you will be doing the actual work and getting paid. So you will go through the training for any of the several job tasks they present, then apply your self to the job and get paid. This is so hard to find a program that offers all of these jobs in one place that is 100% legitimate.

You will see that these jobs are recession proof as well as being a great opportunity. The reason is that the more that companies downsize, the more opportunities open for work-at-home programs such as this on by

Some of our volunteer reviewers were making money in the first few days they started. By the end of the review some of the reviewer volunteers were making $400 or more per day. We even had a couple volunteers hit the $800 a day mark a few times. Most of our volunteers are still doing this program and we will keep this up to date with any new reviews. In order to make this kind of money did require about 6 to 8 hours a day of work. It is well worth it if you want to make some good money to put in the time if you can.

They do also offer phone support as an option and we never needed to use the phone support with the great email support we received.

You will get all the training, tools, jobs, resources, self-help, home business preparedness, software and jobs for free. The value of what they offer is too much to list if you add it all up and it is given for free with your membership.

Joining and Membership will not charge you for the training, resources, tools, and of course they do not charge for the jobs. The only charge they require is a one-time online hosting set-up fee and a personal software license fee. This is so you can access all of what they offer directly online with your own personal secure login ID. Like a few other programs we reviewed they use a online work-at-home hosting through a third-party source which costs them for every member they process. So it is understandable for them to charge this one-time fee. offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee for the one-time online hosting access set up fee. So at worst you can try the program and if it is not what your looking for it will not cost you anything but some of your time to try it out.

Program Review Conclusion
When we originally reviewed this program by back in 2011 we felt at that time it was a great program. Since then this program has added many more job opportunities that are second to none. In 2011 this program won the members’ choice award. One of the reasons they won this is that they offered the largest selection of work-at-home jobs in one place, and now they have added to that since. Just some of the jobs and training they will offer is online auditor/online research, data entry, virtual assistant, Internet marketing, article publishing, proofreading, credit card application processing and much more.

This program does fill up with members and they do close the site to new members once they get filled. If they are filled up try back in a week or two to see if they are accepting new members. Usually they are looking for new workers every couple of weeks.


Performance and Ease of Use
This may be the most famous out of all the work-from-home job programs we reviewed. This program was listed in Forbes for providing seven out of the top ten “Legitimate Jobs to Do From Home” on the Web. We did check and they do offer seven out of the ten work-from home job opportunities you can do from home, The three jobs they don’t provide is marketing, sales and technology jobs. All of the other seven are great jobs people do from home every day.

You can choose from any of the jobs they offer and many members will do three or four of the job programs at one time. As with any legitimate program the effort you will put in the more money you can make. At least the tools are there for you when you need them with this program.

If your looking for the huge paychecks this may not be the program. If you looking to make $100 to $200 a day then this is perfect for you. Many of our volunteers are making $100 a day working about four hours a day. This works out to be about $25 per hour which is great money working from home.

The support is there if you need it and we never had any major issues getting support. Some volunteers did say their response was a little slow sometimes taking up to 24 hours to respond. With our experience just getting a response from work-from-home programs is a major hurdle.

For everything you get including seven out of the top ten legitimate work-from-home jobs, this program is well worth your time and any small investment you need to make.

Joining and Membership
When you decide to join you will see an option through Online Training Host to set up a free hosting account or you can get a dedicated hosting account for a small one-time fee. If you get the free hosting account then this program is 100% free as there are no additional or hidden costs ever. The same for the one-time fee if you pay that then there are no additional fees ever.

If you do decide to do the dedicated hosting then you are covered by the Online Training Host’s 30-day refund guarantee. As we have stated that it is important to only join programs with some kind of guarantee. This way you are never out any money if you are unhappy with the program or results.

Program Review Conclusion
This is the first time has come up on our radar and we are so glad we were able to review this program. There name says it all and with seven out of the top ten legitimate jobs you can do from home, this is a great choice if you decide to try their program.




All of Consumer-Rated reviews are based on our own research as well as consumer input. We do not make any money for referring the sites we have given our five-star rating. Consumer-Rated was not compensated in any way by any of the programs listed on this page.