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2016 Review

The Watch TV Online Programs – Review

Our Research and Review Process

The latest craze on the Internet is the ability to watch Television directly on your PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or iPad. Getting thousands of channels directly to your video screen has always been a dream of most, to get the best of two different media worlds. The time is here, and with all the watch TV online websites popping up all over. We did our extensive research to find the best watch TV online programs on the Web. We picked about thirty of the most popular sites you run into, selling from $19.95 all the way up to $129.95, and from 800 TV channels to 15,000 TV channels from all over the world.

We reviewed all the popular Internet TV paid programs. First off we wanted to determine the biggest differences between the free Internet TV sites and the paid Internet TV sites. There are many sites that offer free TV service, but be careful. We found so much spyware and adware on these sites our anti-virus software was working overtime trying to get all the garbage they put on our computer off. Also we notices that the majority of the free sites did not have any of the popular TV channels you would want to watch, and if they listed a popular TV channel it never seemed to work.

When doing the review we were not so much concerned with how many TV channels were offered. We wanted to find out which programs carried the top most watched TV channels. You can do a search to find these “Top TV Channels” if you would like to give you an idea of which TV channels we were looking for.

Our Reviews and Ratings Criteria

The criteria we used to rate the programs were:

1) The actual product was worth the price we paid.

2) How updated were the TV channels that were provided.

3) How simple was it to navigate the program or software to find the TV channels we wanted.

4) How capable was the program to work on all the popular devices.

5) Was there popular TV channels provided with the program we paid  for.

6) Support was there when we needed it and was not an extra charge.

7) If we were not satisfied with the results we could get any fee we pay refunded as they stated.

The 5-Star Rated Programs

The programs we gave five-star ratings did excellent in meeting the criteria. Many paid TV programs promised up-to-date popular TV channels, but we were only dissapointed to find out that none of the TV channels they promised worked. The three programs we gave five-star ratings actually had many of the top TV channels and they all worked a majority of the time. Also it was nice because they were always updating with new channels directly in their program area or through software updates.

The most important criteria in rating these programs was that they had to offer a 100%-satisfaction money-back guarantee. All of the programs that made our five-star ratings offer this guarantee and most important they all honored their guarantee with no hassles. We learned the hard way that it is VERY IMPORTANT THAT THE PROGRAM OFFERS AND HONORS A GUARANTEE SO YOU DO NOT GET SCAMMED OUT OF YOUR MONEY.

By offering and most important honoring their guarantee is proving that they truly stand behind their program.

The Review Facts and Data

Our research showed the failure-to-success ratio was about four to one, which simply means for every four work-from-home data-entry job programs there were three that didn’t live up to what they promised, and we hit a dead end. That’s 75% of all the programs. In fact that figure is lower than Consumer Affairs reports. We got lucky on a few and were able to get our money back, so be very careful.

Work-From-Home Data-Entry Job Programs – Review Data


Start Date: 09/12/2015
End Date: 05/2/2016
Status: In Progress


Review Volunteers: 64
Reviews Completed: 119
Programs Reviewed: 31


5-Stars Program: 3
3-4-Stars Programs: 10
1-2 Star Programs: 7

Our review project for the watch TV online lasted for eight months. We will continue to receive updates and update our reviews accordingly with the on going reviews.

As you will see from the Review Data above, that we found only three five-star rated program. There were ten programs that were honorable mentions with a three or four-star rating. There were seven programs that were bad enough to make a one to two start rating and there were eleven programs that were straight up scams and didn’t even get a one-star rating.


Great work for the Watch Online TV review. The volunteers got it perfect on this review. I had already purchased the Direct-Pctv program and it was the best I had found. I personally have tried about six programs and Direct-Pctv is the best. I haven’t tried the other two you list and I am sure they are great if you have them rated 5 stars.

George Y. - Warrington UK

These reviews are great to get started on finding a good online tv program. I currently only have Satellite TV available in my location and it has got to be so expensive. I am deciding on which to get of the three you suggest so any help would be great. This will save me a ton of money each year. Thank again for the awesome reviews.

Pete A. - Suffolk, VA

Nice review… purchased on of the suggested 5 star rates sites last week and it is the greatest thing.

Barry G. - Houston, TX


Our Consumer to Consumer Guarantee

Based on our reviews, if you pay any fees associated with any of the five-star programs we list, and are not satisfied, simply return it according to guidelines of each particular Web site or program terms. If you have any problem getting a refund of the program or product. Contact Us and we will assist you; if need be, we will give you your money back.



The score is determined by how many 5-star ratings were given for every 100 reviews.

Performance and Ease of Use
This program performed very well to me our review criteria. We saw this with the program that they provide the top 120 TV channels which was the only program we reviewed that had all top 120 TV channels in one place. This program is 100% online which means you simply login to the members area, select a TV channel and start viewing on any device. This was the most updated program out of all the programs we reviewed which is important to always have updated and live streams.

This program will give you everything you need with no upgrade prices, additional costs, etc. They have all the needed codec and media player download directly in their members’ area. So you do not need to go get any needed software to make this work.

Also included were VOD (Video on Demand) which allows you to view in real time TV shows from all the major networks when you want. You can also use their movie viewer to watch movies directly from your account. They offer three software programs on top of their direct-connect network that have the majority of TV channels from all over the world.

This program is great for their technical support. First off they have a complete technical issue page for you to view if you are having any issues. They will have some simple fixes for you to do if you are having any issues. We found that the programming was very simple and never ran across any problems. If you do need to contact them they can be reached by email and will respond quickly to any inquiries.

How can you beat getting all of these channels for a one-time price. Comparable cable or satellite subscriptions would cost you over $1000 a year compared to’s one-time fee.

Joining and Membership charges a one-time fee of $39.95 (when they are running their promotional deals) So even at $39.95, what Direct-Pctv is asking is a steal compared to other websites we reviewed who are selling their TV programs as much as $129.95 and were not even close in the ratings.

Direct-Pctv offers a 30 Day money back guarantee on their service. So if you don’t like their program, or are having issues making it work, or for any reason you can get all of your money back. We also did confirm they do honor their refund guarantee and with no hassles.

Program Review Conclusion
If you want a variety of channels to your PC, laptop, or mobile device, you found it. With over 9000 Internet TV channels and counting is offered by This program easily made our five-star rating.

The top three programs we reviewed were all so close in the ratings that they were almost in a three way tie. It really came down to the additional channels offered from the 6000 or 9000 and whether it was presented online or through software is really the biggest difference between all the top five-star rated programs.


Performance and Ease of Use
Because they are sister companies this program by is identical to the program with the exception of providing 6,000 TV channels instead of the 9,000 TV channels provides. We still get most of the top popular TV channels with the exception of a few at the bottom of the list. Most people won’t miss a few of these channels.

You will also get the VOD programming like and many of the other great features.

You will get the great technical support like including the technical issue page for you to view if you are having any issues. They will have some simple fixes for you to do if you are having any issues. We found that the programming was very simple and never ran across any problems. If you do need to contact them they can be reached by email and will respond quickly to any inquiries.

For a one-time fee that is less than filling up your gas tank you will enjoy endless programming watching TV online though this program.

Joining and Membership
This as mentioned was the most inexpensive out of the three programs who received our five-star ratings. They offer their program complete with membership for a one-time price of $29.95.

You can also get your full $29.95 back if not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of purchase. We did confirm this that they do honor their guarantee with no hassles.

Program Review Conclusion
Out of all the five-star rated programs was the least expensive and a great value for what they offer. They do provide most of the top 120 TV channels but not quite as many as the other two programs that made the five-star rating. This really comes down to preference of channels.

We have many reviewer volunteers actually rate this the highest because they felt that the additional channels offered from the other two five-star rated programs were not worth the additional money. The best thing to do is figure out which popular TV channels you want to watch and you can email them to see if they do provide them. If they do have your personal favorites, then this would be your best value. was very close in the overall ratings to the other two programs we gave five-star ratings to. These reviews for all three programs were almost a dead even rating.


Performance and Ease of Use
The was the easiest program out of all the five-star rated programs because it is a simple software download. Once downloaded you click the software to open and you get direct access to the channels. They advertise over 10,000 TV channels but we noticed the amount available at one time was similar to the 9,000 TV channel program.

If you need support for downloading does offer any needed support. After you download the software no additional support would be needed.

For a one-time fee for a watch TV online program with the magnitude of this software is a steal.

Joining and Membership
There is no membership as this is a software download. You can purchase a trial for $2.95 for a seven-day trial or purchase it outright for $39.95 one-time fee.

You can get a full refund on the one-time fee for 60 days if you are not satisfied with the software.

Program Review Conclusion
This is the only software that made the five-star rating as we noticed most of the watch TV online software programs were out of date, didn’t offer the top TV channels and had no money-back guarantee. StreamDirectPro is a software program that is updated often (free updates) and does offer the top TV channels.

If you can’t decide between the Direct-Pctv and the StreamDirectPro for the same pricing the easiest thing to ask is if you want easy access online from anywhere with the Direct-Pctv program as opposed to software downloaded on one device that has easy access with a click of a button.





All of Consumer-Rated reviews are based on our own research as well as consumer input. We do not make any money for referring the sites we have given our five-star rating. Consumer-Rated was not compensated in any way by any of the programs listed on this page.