2019 Review

Paid-Online-Surveys – Review Data


Start Date: 9/14/2018
End Date: In Progress
Status: In Progress


Review Volunteers: 61 Reviews Completed: 162 Programs Reviewed: 32


5-Stars Program: 1 3-4-Stars Programs: 15 1-2 Star Programs: 4

Our review project for the paid-online surveys lasted for almost a year. Most of the time spent was just trying to get programs worth reviewing. This review is still in progress as many of the volunteers are reporting regularly back with their progress. We will continue to receive updates and update our reviews accordingly with the on going reviews. As you will see from the Review Data above, that we found only one five-star rated program. There were fifteen programs that were honorable mentions with a three or four-star rating. There were four programs that were bad enough to make a one to two start rating and there were twelve programs that were straight up scams and didn’t even get a one-star rating.

Thanks for the great review on paid surveys. Like you said in your review I have never found a real good online paid survey program that pays decent money. I decided to give the video game tester program a try and this is amazing the amount of money you can make. I’m not even a gamer for the most part and this is working out perfectly around my busy schedule. Thanks CR

Don T. - Westmont, IL


Our Consumer to Consumer Guarantee

Based on our reviews, if you pay any fees associated with any of the five-star programs we list, and are not satisfied, simply return it according to guidelines of each particular Web site or program terms. If you have any problem getting a refund of the program or product. Contact Us and we will assist you; if need be, we will give you your money back.



The score is determined by how many 5-star ratings were given for every 100 reviews.

Performance and Ease of Use
We did review a few of these type of get paid to play video game programs and this one stood out from all the rest. You will get a membership to an exclusive online gaming community that has all the ins and outs of getting paid the most money for playing games online. By exclusive we mean they have gaming evaluation companies that will only deal with their members.

You will get an account and from there you get to choose from all the different types of game genres from board games to online first-person shooter games. One of the most common we see is interactive sports games from all the popular gaming suppliers. We do also see many smaller start-up gaming companies as well trying to get their games reviewed and to market.

You will see they also will provide you with traditional surveys you can do as well. We didn’t find much value in doing these types of paid-online surveys but are provided if you want to give them a try.

The money to be made is in the online game testing part of this program. We had a few volunteers that were dedicated to this program make over $2000 a month playing games and giving their opinions on the games they review. The average was about $500 a month only playing a few hours a week.

Not much support is needed other than first getting set up to get the online gaming review assignments. Once you have established your account, then there really isn’t much support needed.

For the small investment this program required ($5) many of the volunteers made that back and more on their first assignment. This is one of the best values you will find anywhere on the Web.

Joining and Membership
Joining and getting set up is very easy. Just follow the joining instructions and you will be on your way in a matter of a few minutes with instant access. As mentioned the sign-up fee is only $5. There are some additional upgrades that are not required but many members did upgrades that accelerated their earnings with this program.

Even on your small $5 investment they do offer a refund guarantee for 60 days and they do honor it. Out of all the review volunteers we polled not one would have asked for a refund. However, it is there if you are not happy for what ever reason.

Program Review Conclusion
For the opportunity you get for practically nothing this program easily made our five-star rating. If you like to game in the least bit this program is for you. If your going to play online games, you might as well get paid for it.





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