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We need your help rating current projects. We pay all the fees. You keep the program you review and all we require is a short review.  For More Details:

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Our Mission

We have been in business for over eleven years as a consumer-rating service. We are a consumer such as yourself, and have taken that position.

We always try to eliminate the problems of purchasing a bad product or service so you can feel confident in our reviews and decision.

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Consumer's Feedback
I just recently got a computer and have been looking for a way out of the hustle and bustle of the office.I have been searching for a data entry job but wasnt sure if anyone was right for me. You guys took all the guesswork out and I will soon be on my way to big bucks.  

Just wanted to say thanks.
Simona, Middle GA

Thanks for your quick response, And I am very happy with your suggestions. I will recommend you to all my friends.I wish there were more websites and people like you. God Bless.

Jeremy M, Colorado Springs,CO

Your website was helpful in informing me of future prospects Thanks :)

Stephanie P,

I have seen so many websites that state they are trying to help the consumer, YEH Right, try contacting them and see if they guarantee their reviews like you guys. I never heard back from them at all. You guys are fabulous all the way around. Im truly impressed, keep up the good work.

Fred W, Ukiah CA


Thank you for this great information. I admit I have been on the receiving end of scams before. Now, I have already earned about $100.00 taking surveys!! Great!
I have also signed up for the data entry position. I wish I would have found your website sooner.
Dan R.

Testimonial Disclosure

All of the above testimonials were given without solicitation from All of the these testimonials are their own expressed opinions from users of our website. Consumer-Rated did not pay or compensate in any way to receive these testimonials.


Consumer Rated has been in business for consumers now for over eleven years. We are dedicated finding quality online products and services for consumers.

Why We Provide This Service
A problem with today's online shopping is that there are so many frauds, scams and misleading information it is hard to determine which website might be good, and which are bad. Unlike purchasing a product or service from a brick and mortar type vendor, if something goes wrong you have many options and sources to resolve the issue person in person. That problem is what scares most online shoppers away. And that is why we are here.

How Our Review Process Works
To do this we will pay for programs and services or if submitted by a particular website for our volunteers (consumers) to review. We will also review the program or service ourselves. We will get all the volunteer's feedback as well as our own. We will then determine a rating system for each reviewed program or service.

Rating The Programs or Services
We have the volunteers rate the program from one star (poor) to five stars (excellent). We will also rate the program in the same manner. We will take any notes made about the program or service and pass them along to you in a short review based on the volunteer's and our own input.

Our Dedication to Find The Best Options
We are dedicated to find the best sources and the best deals on the Web. Our company and volunteers research several companies to find the best options possible, doing extensive research on their products or services. 

Our Research Criteria
We take into account price (if there is a cost), customer service/support, and whether or not the product or service is what the company promises on their selling pages. We will also take in to account the value of the program or service and if a refund is offered and most important honored.

Our Specialty Reviews

Although we review every possible type of website program or service, one of our specialties has been dealing with work-at-home websites; we are always searching for the best for our consumers. Work at home seems to gain the most attention because of it's popularity and all the scams on the Internet. We hope to end your search with a program you can feel confident in trying.

Our Consumer-Rated Review Guarantee

If we list a five-star site we stand 100% behind our company and volunteer's reviews. If there is any costs associated with any of the five-star sites and you pay for the program or service, we will guarantee your money back if not satisfied within 30 days of making payment. We may also assist you in the refund with the site as well.

This is our consumer to consumer promise!

Let Us Know Your Review
In addition to our volunteers and our own reviews, if for any reason products or service from a particular company doesn't live up to what they promise, please contact us so we may do our own investigation into the program or service. Unlike so many so-called review sites we actually list our contact information and will respond to your inquiries.

If you have a better product or service than we have listed, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to review the site. We are always open for suggestions to direct our research.

Beware of Fake Review Sites
Be careful of imitation consumer review websites, here are a few things to look for when looking through review sites:

1. Always ask the review site if they guarantee their reviews and be sure they have a way to be contacted in case you have questions on their reviews.

2. Many of these Web sites will not even provide a contact email address let alone a phone number. 

3. Look out for review sites that list several programs they say they reviewed, but only list ONE that stands out above the rest. This usually means the review site is fooling you to join their own program.

4. Most of the fake review sites will be getting paid when you click on the link to the website they reviewed. Here is what to look for - The link you are clicking has an "affiliate" code or link in the web address URL. - When you have clicked and entered the site look at the website URL address in your web browser address bar, you will see somewhere in the link ("aff") ("affiliate") ("ID") or ("Hop"). This is a sign the review site is getting a commission off your sign up. These are known affiliate link codes.

Note: You will see with all of our reviews we direct you to the main site and do not use any affiliate linking.

Here a few known FAKE review websites - Will give fake reviews and in many cases slandering decent programs in order to get you to sign up for what they call a "Free" program. It is not free and you will end up spending a lot of money in the end. Be careful of this site. - Just like Reviewopedia they post lies about programs to get you to think certain popular programs are scams, then tell you they have a free program that isn't a scam. The programs they have you sign up for will cost you money with no refunds. Be careful of this site. - This site will try to steer you to their own program as we mentioned in (#3) above. To be fair we have never tried the program they are trying to get you to join, but this site is not a legitimate review site.

If you don't believe us, go to the site and one - try to contact them, and two - post a good review on a site they call a scam, it will never get posted as that will defeat the purpose of the mislead they are pulling.

View our 2014 Work-From-Home Business Consumer's Choice Award Winner


All of Consumer-Rated reviews are based on our own research as well as consumer input. You will notice Consumer-Rated does not use affiliate links because we do not make any money for referring the sites we have given our five-star rating. Consumer-Rated was not compensated in any way by any of the programs listed on this page.